Sand Controls


  • Separates abrasive solids in production fluids before they enter a downhole pump.
  • Extends life of all types of downhole pumps. Simple to install and inexpensive.

2. Cavins Double Action Tubing Pump


  • Bailing sand, scale, and debris
  • Bailing frac sand and retrieving bridge plugs in one trip

3. Hydrostatic Bailers & Wireline Jars

  • The Cavins Hydrostatic Bailer has been used in all types of clean-out work in producing wells and in drilling and workover operations. Its principle use of hydraulic suction provides several distinct advantages that cannot be obtained with any other type of wireline cleanout tool.

4. Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer

  • The Cavins Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer is the most effective tool available for recovering sandfill and small junk from open or cased holes. The Hydrostatic Bailer can be run on tubing or drill pipe, and it functions without surface pumps. Either check valves or a Cavins Junk Basket, with dual sets of spring-type catchers, is used to trap sand, debris, and junk when the hydrostatic bailer is activated. The Bailer employs a pressure differential principle, with well fluid supplying the operating medium. The force created by this pressure differential is vastly superior to the slow flow obtained with circulation-type tools, and it has the added advantage of loosening imbedded pieces.

5. Rod-Type Sand Pump

  • Cavins Sand Pumps are designed for clean-out work where it is not desired to flush the producing formation with hydrostatic fluid surges, or where extremely low fluid levels prevent efficient use of the Cavins Hydrostatic Bailer. In such wells, the sand pump effectively removes soft sand, shale and other matter. The Sand Pump is designed to operate in either light or heavy fluids with equal efficiency..