Civil Work Services

We at berba care about providing a suitable environment for our engineers to work safely and reliably. we’re committed to deliver all standards and quality in civil job, our services range from building constructions to huge excavations and padding.

OWe provide following civil work services:

    • Building Construction
    • Road And Earth Work
    • Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Baching Plant
    • Road And Earth Work
    • BVS Location Prepration
    • Valves Pit And Monitoring Pit In Pipe Line
    • Fencing Work
    • Excavation work(Manual/Rock Breaker)
    • Live Flow LIne & Gas LIne Windrow crossing
    • Flow Line & gas line excavations
    • High Voltage & Low voltage live line cable trench excavations
    • Backfilling work
    • Pre and post padding
    • Waste Water Network